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Our school band

Gordon West Public School is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and develop a passion for music through an extra-curricular band program.

The program caters for all levels of playing experience and includes: 

  • Training Band - for beginners
  • Concert Band 2 - for students in their second year of learning 
  • Concert Band 1 - for the most advanced music students 
  • Jazz Band - an auditioned group of students who wish to extend their music capabilities

    The program fosters discipline, commitment and responsibility in all band members.  All children are expected to attend weekly rehearsals and a weekly individual tutorial.  Public performance is an integral part of the program and all band members are expected to attend music festivals, competitions and programmed events.

    There are a plethora of benefits for children who are exposed to music.  Learning to read music, the physicality and coordination developed in order to play an instrument and working as a team is just the start.  Performing will boost a child's confidence and enrich their school life!


Band Captains 2019

Congratulations to our Band Captains for 2019:

Training  Band- Nicholas L & Elizabeth C

Concert Band 2- Liam B & Jasmine C

Concert Band 1- Aarya V & Siyeon S