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Frasc - Fund Raising and Social Committee

The Fund Raising and Social Committee (FRASC) is comprised of a varied group of volunteers, some parents work full time others have toddlers and preschoolers and others again lead very full and busy lives often volunteering elsewhere.

They do however have one thing in common; they want to help out with their children's school in whatever capacity they can manage.

FRASC has in the past 6 years raised over $200,000 with the help of these volunteers and the greater school community.

This money has been spent on the Smart Boards in every class room, the learning Support Unit, sound equipment for the hall and COLA and lighting for the COLA all in the last 6 years.

Research shows that volunteering can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

Volunteering can:

  • Facilitate meeting others as well as increase opportunities for close
  • interpersonal relationships and strengthen a sense of belonging;
  • Improve self esteem and life satisfaction
  • Heighten a sense of well being, improve insomnia, and strengthen the immune system;
  • Offer people the opportunity to participate in fulfilling activities
  • Make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Giving (not taking) makes us happier.
  • Research also shows when families get involved with their school, their children:
  • Get better grades and test scores
  • Graduate from school at higher rates
  • Are more likely to go on to higher education
  • Are better behaved and have more positive attitudes.

For further information contact the FRASC at: gordonwestFRASC@gmail.com





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